Longniddry Golf Club

Buggy Policy - for the use of Rental Ride-On Buggies

 The Club has a duty of care to all users of the golf course, including pedestrians using the public right of way. The topography of certain areas of the course is such that caution and prudence must be shown by all users of ride-on buggies.

The Club Manager and Professional have the authority to immediately prohibit any individual from using or being carried on a ride-on buggy.  Application for reinstatement of permission can only be made to the Club.

Buggy Restrictions

In the interests of safety the club operates a policy whereby buggy use is restricted during adverse ground conditions. The precise timing, details and duration of any restriction will be decided on a daily basis, and as far as possible, notice will be given. During any period of restriction, the club’s Hire Buggies will be withdrawn from service and the use of privately owned buggies will not be permitted without proof of disability.

Buggy Maintenance

The Professional is responsible for ensuring that all Rental Buggies are maintained, serviced and fit for hire.
Rental buggies will be subject to visual checks prior to each rental.

Who can use a club rental golf buggy?

Members and Green fee paying visitors hiring Club buggies.
Only persons over the age of 18 may operate a buggy.
Users must hold a valid UK driving licence

Where and When Buggies can be used

All signs directing traffic movement must be strictly observed.
No buggy shall be driven on or near any tees, greens or bunkers.
Wet areas and ground under repair must be avoided.
There maybe restrictions on the use of buggies in Club competitions.

Safe use of a Golf Buggy

Pedestrians must be afforded the right-of-way at all times.
No more than 2 persons and 2 sets of Clubs shall be carried on a buggy.
Drivers should be fully conversant with the controls of the buggy.
Brakes should be applied gently to avoid skidding.
No standing on a buggy while it is in motion.
Hands and feet must be kept inside the buggy at all times.
Caution must be exercised when reversing.
Caution must be exercised on all slopes and inclines.
Always apply the parking brake when leaving the buggy.
Drive only as fast as the terrain allows.
The consumption of alcohol and / or the improper use of drugs when using a ride-on buggy is prohibited.

Insurance & Liability

Personal liability and personal accident insurance are provided by the Club to all paid-up members and green fee paying visitors hiring a Club buggy.
Buggy operators who have hired a buggy from the Club are responsible for the security of the vehicle during their hire period, and the return of keys thereafter.
The Golf Club has no responsibility for ensuring the safe operation of ride-on buggies on or beyond the confines of the course and the Club car parks, other than those operated by their servants or agents.
The Club accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to any property other than that arising from the negligent use of a ride-on buggy by their staff.

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