Adult Memberships

How to apply for Longniddry Golf Club Membership

We have an open waiting list and are pleased to accept applications for membership. Should you wish to pursue membership, the application alongside should be completed and returned for my attention. You will note that in the event that you cannot provide two sponsors for your application, you may elect to provide a letter from an existing (or recent past) club, or you may attend a brief informal interview with me and one of the directors.

On receipt of the application, details are posted on the Club notice board for 2 weeks and subject to the application not receiving any adverse comments from members, an offer of membership will normally be issued, subject to the Directors giving approval.

We currently have a few vacancies for full membership and the annual subscription effective from 1st February 2019 will be £782 plus a £40 bar levy, £16 for the Levy to Scottish Golf/Lothians Golf Association (£14.50 for Ladies), making £838 or £836.50 in total.

Full Membership
For full membership, there’s a joining fee of £800 which most new members pay over two subscription years but this can be spread over 4 years at no extra cost.

Five Day Membership
We also have vacancies for 5-day membership and the annual subscription for that category is £657 plus the costs mentioned above. With 5-day membership there is 7-day access to the Clubhouse and there are a number of fun weekend competitions which are open to 5 day members. The joining fee for 5 day membership is £200 which would be deducted from the full membership joining fee if a 5-day member converts to full membership.

For both full and 5 day membership, the annual subscription would be discounted pro-rata if you join more than half way through the subscription year.

Flexible Membership
A few years ago we introduced a flexible membership scheme whereby someone who’s unsure how long they’ll be in the area can become a full member and pay £80 per month by standing order for 12 months i.e. £960 in total which effectively puts £162 towards the joining fee if the person remains a member for the full year.

We trust this information is helpful but if you have any other questions please contact.


Call +44 (0)1875 852141

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