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In response to recent comments about the greens being slow, stimpmeter readings were taken this morning at 10.00 after the greens had been cut & rolled. The greens tested are the 10th, 12th & 17th which are deemed average, best and worst (from a technical perspective) and the target range recommended by the STRI is 7ft 6in to 9ft 6in. The readings below are all within or above that range and are faster than at Birkdale today.

Date Green Speed
21/7/17 10th 9ft 6in
Comments 12th 10ft 2in
Taken at 10.00 today 17th 9ft 8in

Phil Holmes, Head Greenkeeper

21st July 2017


Great news – the irrigation system is fully operational and was used automatically last night from 11.00 until 04.00 to water greens and approaches.

As can be seen in this image, the greens were double-cut this morning and will be double-cut again tomorrow for the Gents Championship Qualifying. Following the application of a feed, coupled with the hot weather and recent rain, the grass is growing strongly but we’re cutting at 4mm which is the lowest we go. We sprayed for daisies on Thursday and these should start to disappear.

Phil Holmes, Head Green-keeper

26th May 2017




At the Greens Committee Meeting on April 3rd, the following was agreed:-

5th hole is coming on nicely but will remain on a temporary green until mid-April to give the turf more time to knit. However, the main green will be brought into use for the Pairs Open on Sunday 9th April and should be available for general play from 15th April onwards. The bare area on the left of the hole has been seeded as it’s too steep to turf and will be hydro-seeded later in April if the normal seed doesn’t germinate. Recent pictures by Niall Glen have been posted and show how good the hole is looking following the re-design.

Preferred Lies will be on until end April

White tees will remain off for bounce games until end April

Par 3 Mats will be left on until end April

Scarifying of Greens will be undertaken during the week commencing 17th April to improve aeration and reduce thatch. A Graden machine will be used on the 6th, 8th, 10th, 16th & 17th greens which are much softer than the rest. This machine cuts slits in the green which are then filled with sand & seed and while the process looks dramatic, they can be played on immediately and will fully recover in 10-14 days. While the work is being undertaken, the temporary green at that hole will be in use. The patience of members will be appreciated

We would also ask that all Members take time to repair pitch-marks on greens, replace divots on fairways and rake bunkers after playing their shot. These all help to improve course presentation.

Thank you

Phil Holmes, Head Greenkeeper

Winter Programme Update

The re-turfed areas on the 9th & 10th greens have blended in well and have had their first cut. Having re-turfed the worn areas on the 4th & 7th tees, the next job is to cut out the worn areas on the approaches before all the turf needed is ordered to keep haulage costs down. The greens are being cut & rolled on alternative days as growth slows down. The greens will be sprayed for fusarium once the frost clears. A mini-digger has been hired to dig out the burns at the 13th & 14th holes to clear weeds.


Winter Programme

As part of the Winter Programme, the 6th, 8th, 10th, 16th & 17th greens which are the softest on the course have been verti-drained. Re-turfing of damaged areas on 9th & 10th greens has been completed and the worn areas on 4th & 7th tees have been re-turned, with the 1st medal tee to be done next. Additional drainage is being installed on the 10th green and while that’s being done, the temporary green will be in use.

Problems continue to be experienced with the approach to the 5th green which can get very wet and while we considered installing extra drainage, KimberGolf have recommended doing this by redesigning the front of the green and a detailed proposal with costings is awaited. Work also needs to be done to the path down from the 6th tee and professional advice is being taken in that respect too but meantime, Members are asked to exercise extreme caution when using that path.