Club Championships 2017

Boys Championship

The final of the Boys Championship 2017 was contested between David Rudd & Cameron Gallagher  on Monday 19th June and David won the trophy for the third year in a row.

Men's Championships

The match-play stages of the Club Championship began on Monday 12th June and the results of the finals played on 18th June are as follows:-

Club Championship

Michael Bacigalupo beat Peter Henderson to retain the trophy for the second time.

B Championship

Alan Swain beat John Becker in the final to win the trophy.

Ladies' Championships

The quarter finals of the Ladies Championship took place on Thursday 15th  and the results were as follows:-

Corrine Luca beat Sheila McDougall

Linda Smith beat Trish Boyd

The semi finals took place on Friday 16th June and the reesults were  as follows:-

Anne Laird beat Corrine Luca

Linda Smith lost to Susan Rennie

In the final between Anne Laird & Susan Rennie on Sunday 18th June Anne won the trophy for the 6th time in 12 years.

In the Bronze final, Heather Shearer lost to Jean McNeil .


Club Championship

Monday 8th June

17.30 Cameron Donaldson lost to Jonathan Watt

17.40  Stewart Mackay lost to Marc Owenson

17.50  Ross Brydon lost to Michael Bacigalupo

18.00 Gus Wilson beat Ross Mackay

18.10  Andrew Brown lost to Donald Mackinnon

18.20  Fraser Johnston beat Steve Tait

18.30  Kevin Girdler lost to Connor Farrell

18.40  Colin Pattison beat Nick Aiken

The quarter finals took place on 10th June

17.30  Jonathan Watt lost to Marc Owenson

17.40  Michael Bacigalupo beat Gus Wilson

17.50  Donald Mackinnon lost to Fraser Johnston

18.00  Connor Farrell lost to Colin Pattison

The semi finals take place on Friday 12th June

18.00 Marc Owenson lost to Michael Bacigalupo

18.10  Fraser Johnston beat Colin Pattison

Final played on Sunday 14th June

Michael Bacigalupo beat Fraser Johnston


B Championship

Wednesday 10th June

18.10  Willie Meenan lost to John McKenzie

18.20  Walter Skeldon beat Walter Pretswell

18.30  Alan Swain lost to Chris Craig

18.40  John Becker beat Fraser Woods

The semi-finals took place on Friday 12th June

18.20 John McKenzie beat Walter Skeldon

18.30 Chris Craig lost to John Becker

Final played on Sunday 14th June

John McKenzie lost to John Becker



Club Championship

Thursday 11th June

17.30 Hilary Wardell beat Lesley Reynolds

17.37 Linda Falconer lost to Ann Laird

17.44 Susan Rennie beat Kathy Gibson

17.51 Corrine Luca due to play Diane Fergusson but given walkover due to injury

The semi-finals take place on 12th June

17.30 Hilary Wardell beat Ann Laird

17.37 Susan Rennie beat Corrine Luca

Bronze Championship

17.44 Sheila McDougall beat Lorrie McCusker

17.51 Jean McNeill lost to Glenda Simpson

Finals played on Sunday 14th June

Bronze Championship

Sheila McDougall beat Glenda Simpson

Ladies Championship

Hilary Wardell beat Susan Rennie